Slots Math: Return To Player & Casino Share

Slots Math: Return To Player & Casino Share

Behind the reels of the slots, as well as behind any other casino game, there is a mathematical algorithm that allows you to make the results completely random, and therefore fair, depending only on chance . However, despite this, each slot has some mathematical indicators characterizing the frequency of winning, the amount of funds won, etc.

Each game has its own unique casino share, as does the RTP. The casino’s share and the return to player percentage are two sides of the same coin . RTP is the fraction of the player’s wagered amount that the live casino malaysia expects to return to the player.

The return rate is calculated as an average of at least 1000 rounds in a game. The meaning of the indicator is to designate for the player how much he can win in a particular game in the long term.

A simple example: playing with an RTP of 94% will return 94 euros out of the 100 euros wagered to the players . The remaining 6% is the casino share. Please note that both indicators are average and are calculated based on a large number of game rounds, which means that we can only expect a return of 94 euros.

Slot Volatility

If RTP is worth paying attention to, if a player is going to play the same slot for a significant period of time, then such an indicator as volatility (also called variance or variance) of the slot will be important for everyone. Volatility allows players to know how often they can expect a payout on a slot, as well as how big that payout can be .

A slot with low variance / volatility will bring players frequent small and medium-sized wins, and quite often , while a slot with high volatility will be able to delight large wins, but less often . Since the higher the volatility, the less frequent the winnings, games with a high score are considered much more risky for players. There is a possibility that gamblers will start betting large amounts, expecting a big win.

Most often, slots with high variance are more popular among regulars of online casinos, while slots with medium and low volatility are chosen by newbies and infrequent online casino visitors who prefer the frequency of winnings to their size.

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